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Taking a leaf out of the national team’s book, Shire Oak started their football season with two home games in the space of four days. Following pre-season training the boys were raring to go for the first game against St. Anthony’s. It was clear the training was paying off as the boys played some lovely passing moves putting a good deal of pressure on the opposition’s penalty area. Getting an early goal helped to settle the Shire Oak team and they maintained an up-beat tempo throughout the first half. After some good play by St Anthony’s the score was soon finely balanced at 3-3. Shire Oak then managed to get their noses in front to lead  4-3. With just 2 minutes left to play St. Anthony’s broke down the right wing and almost equalised. A strong kick from the Shire Oak goalkeeper, a flicked on header and there was a Shire Oak forward bearing down on the opposition’s goal area. A few seconds later the ball flew past the out-stretched keeper and was nestling in the left hand corner of the net. 5-3 to Shire Oak and the points were safe.


Following all of that excitement the Shire Oak team were looking forward to picking up where they had left off when St. Peter’s arrived for the next match. The boys again started off the match with great gusto getting the first goal. They then proceeded to go close as they peppered the St. Peter’s goal area with shots which either just missed the target or were brilliantly saved by the goalkeeper. These missed chances proved costly and St. Peter’s  were ahead by half time and then had the best of the early part of the second half. It was at this point that the Shire Oak team played some lovely football, on what was now a very muddy pitch, and pulled the score back to 4-6. St. Peter’s appeared to be on the back foot but a breakaway goal as Shire Oak continued to press settled them down.                               Final score Shire Oak 4 – St. Peter’s 7.

So with two games played Shire Oak have already picked up 5 points, scored 9 goals and are looking forward to the next match in the knowledge that they have started the season off in superb fashion.

Posted by Our football reporter. on 24/10/2013 16:34

Year 1 Assembly

If you didn’t see Year 1’s assembly this morning, you missed all this…

Posted by Miss Miller on 14/06/2013 16:45

Year 1 Assembly Part 1

Lewis red his recount. It was all about Grace Darling. Grace and her dad saw people drouning. They got in the tighny boat. They saved nine people. Grace felt proud.

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Posted by Year 1 children on 14/06/2013 16:44

Year 1 Assembly Part 2

We showd evreebodey ar beach. We like to bild sandcastles, swim in the sea and rite powst cards.

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Posted by Year 1 children on 14/06/2013 16:38

Year 1 Assembly Part 3

Three children did the wethear report. The wethear report was sunny at Shire Oak beach.

Fred had a supries when Ms Devane askd him to do a report for the music festival tumoroa. He said it would definitly be sunny all day. Adam says don’t forget your sun cream!


Posted by Year 1 children on 14/06/2013 16:31

Year 1 Assembly Part 4

In maths we read 1 is a snail ten is a crab it counts by feet. We had to brake numbers down into feet.


We showd evreeone how we can add tens and ones in are ice cream shop. A coan is 10p and a skoop is 1p.

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Posted by Year 1 children on 14/06/2013 16:23

Year 1 Assembly Part 5

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We had good instrucshuns on how to maik a sand casul.


Thair wer eevn instrucshuns on how to cleen a sheep!

Posted by Year 1 children on 14/06/2013 16:06

Philosophy Celebration

Just got back from accompanying Year 3 to the Philosophy Celebration Event at Leeds University. We went on the bus and all enjoyed seeing things like the horses in a field by Headingley Lane that you don't spot at road level.

The event itself was great. After a (soft!) drinks reception where everyone was very grown up and sensible, we heard from a community philosoper about the history of the project. Then we listened to a group of Shire Oak pupils having a Demonstration Philosophical Discussion. They had started earlier in the week by asking 'Is any parent perfect?' but the ideas had developed and we now heard the arguments for and against parents making decisions for children and when it was appropriate for children to make decisions themselves. There was some real evidence of good thinking skills that I'm sure will be used in other areas too and everyone showed great respect for differing views. Next one of the post-graduate students who has been working on the project told us about how much he had learned from working with the children, before certificates were given out to those who had made a special contribution through their excellence or effort.

Then we took our packed lunches outside and ate them sitting on the iconic University Steps before getting the bus back to school with just time for some playground time before afternoon school. A super morning all round. Well done to all involved.


Gill Eastabrook

Community Governor

Posted by Gill Eastabrook on 30/05/2013 23:14

Year 4 trip to Leeds City Museum

On the 7th March, Year 4 went to the Leeds City Museum to see the different animals that lived two million years ago. We looked at the story of Leeds and found our houses on the map of Leeds.

We all took a packed lunch with us and when it was time to eat, we sat looking over the huge map on the floor.  This was very different from eating in the school hall - and a bit scarier because if felt like you could fall down because we were so high up in theatre type seats.

After lunch, we all did a workshop where we searched for animals that we were learning about. We made a collage of all the different animals including tuna fish, polar beers, parrots and bugs.

When we had finished our tasks and looking around, we went back to school on the bus and had ten minutes to play outside before going home.

We really enjoyed our trip to the museum because it was fun, interesting and exciting to learn about all the different animals that used to live millions of years ago.


Posted by Hannah and David on 08/03/2013 12:00

Year 4 Assembly

On Friday the 1st of March, Year 4 had an assembly about what we have been working on this term, like: 

  • My presentation Out of the Sea. Vishal, Maryam and myself presented this to the audience of the kids, teachers and parents.
  • Bewerley Park
  • Maths
  • Literacy
  • Dancing

We ended the assembly with a prayer which Kobe said. 

The best part of the assembly was my sea presentation - but I would say that because I think it's the best!

And the dancing because the dancers had real flow with it. It was the best assembly of the year and I was proud of myself. I give thanks to my Mum, brother and my Dad - I couldn't do it with out you!

Posted by Jacob on 01/03/2013 12:02

Sea Presentation

On Tuesday the 12th of February, most of Year 4 went on a residential to Bewerley Park but some of us stayed at school and made a presentaiton about the sea, such as Vishal, Maryam and myself.

Some of the things we learned were:

A viperfish is a saltwater fish with long, needle-like teeth and hinged lower jaws. They grow to lengths of 30 to 60 cm. Viperfish stay low in the water in the daytime and shallow at night. Viperfish mainly stay in tropical waters. It's one of the most fiercest predators in the deep the sea and attacks its prey by attracting it with a light producing organ.


We had a assembly - it was what we have been doing this spring term like my presentation and about bewerley park and a math song called Viva Nines Tables. It was very good.

Posted by Jacob on 01/03/2013 11:25

Year 4 Residential to Bewerley Park

On the 12th of February Y4 (most of us) went to Bewerly park. We did lots of exciting things like canoeing, scrambling, shelter building, fire making, sledging etc.

We were divided into two groups - on the first day one group went canoeing while the other group went scrambling.  And on morning of the second day, the groups swapped over.

While we were there, the snow came down a lot and we were hoping to get snowed in! The ground was covered in at least 4 inches of snow, so we built shelters and fires to keep us warm and dry. 

We used a flint and steel to light the fire - you have to scrape a knife down the flint ultra hard to make a large spark.  We used birch bark on the fire which we collected from the trees out in the snow - our gloves were soaking.  Over the three days and two nights we were there, we either had wet gloves or frozen hands!

Scrambling (and wheezeling) which we did at Brimham Rocks (a 15 minute drive from Bewerley Park) is squeezing through tiny holes and scrambling up large rocks.  Everybody wanted to go through the bit where a boy had got stuck years ago (a fireman had to drill bits of rocks away to get him out), but we weren't allowed to! 

The highlights of the trip for me were: canoeing, Brimham Rocks, shelter making, fire making - lets just say everything was brilliant!

We were all so tired when we came back - some people fell asleep on the bus! Even though it was cold and we were away from our own beds, I really miss Bewerley park.





Posted by Ethan on 01/03/2013 11:10

Snowy Residential

Mr Marshall tells me that the Year 4 children are having a great time at Bewerley Park in North Yorkshire. They have been canoeing, clambered at Brimham Rocks and done a night walk. It will be interesting to hear how today's activities changed because of the heavy snow. This photo is a sneak preview of conditions early this afternoon. Snow at Bewerley Park

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 13/02/2013 16:24

Snowy day at School

We've had a busy and fun time here at school today. As well as ordinary lessons we've had an extra long playtime and lunchtime on the field. Reception have made snow people, Y1 have made snow castles and decorated them with candles, Y3 have been searching for animal tracks in the snow to identify and Y6 have had a snowy walk on The Ridge.

Well done to all the children who sorted out their changes of clothes and have played and learned so nicely today. Here are just a few pictures from this morning.

 runningReception class builderschasing gamemulti headed snowmansledging

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 21/01/2013 16:11

School Council talks about Pupil Survey

It was great to meet with some of School Council this afternoon and talk to them about follow up to the Pupil Survey we did earlier in the year. .

There had been some worries about behaviour, safety and respect. Council Members thought the things that School had done this term, like Respect Week, had helped make things better. This was good to hear and I want to ask about this in the next survey to check things continue to improve. One of the related questions was about whether children’s views about school are listened to. Members discussed what they could do to make sure other children understand how School Council feeds everyone’s views in.

Pupils had identified lots of suggestions for new clubs and lunchtime activities.  We talked about how these ideas were being used alongside those collected by School Council Members.

Nearly all children had said in the survey that their teachers helped them learn new things, but some had been  less sure what they needed to do to improve. Council Member knew how they needed to improve their own school work and told me about an interesting range of learning objectives.

We also talked about ways in which running the survey could be improved next year such as having fewer/simpler questions for younger children.

Thanks to Ms Powell and all the children who took time to tell me their views and ideas in a busy week.

Happy Christmas to All 

Posted by Gill Eastabrook, community governor, chair of teaching and learning committ on 18/12/2012 17:06

Stable Story, Stable Glory

How lucky I was to be able to see Reception and Key Stage 1's nativity production on Wednesday this week! We have such talented performers in school. The children sang beautifully, spoke clearly and worked well together to put on two excellent performances. I especially liked the animals in both productions - great costumes and masks - the angels all looked delightful (despite their halos slipping from time to time), and King Herod - well what can I say? He was perfectly cast and was truly scary. But the best thing about both productions was that the children were clearly having such fun.

Posted by Janie Percy-Smith, chair of Governors on 14/12/2012 13:50

Wind in the Willows at the West Yorkshire Playhouse

The Shire Oak Book Club read "The Wind in the Willows" last half term. This week I went with the Book Club group and a small number of other children to see a production of the Wind in the Willows at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. It was a very enjoyable afternoon. The production was entertaining - we all loved Toad - the music great and, best of all, the children were very well-behaved, both in the theatre and on the bus going to and from the Playhouse. They were a real credit to Shire Oak! Next week we will be writing reviews of the play - come and have a look at them on the Book Club noticeboard in the library.

Posted by Janie Percy-Smith, chair of Governors on 14/12/2012 13:43

GANGES 12:12:12

On the 12th of December 2012, some of Ganges (Year 4) stayed in at lunchtime to see the clock hit 12:12:12.

Mr Marshall filmed the clock from 12:11:11 to make sure we wouldn't miss this very exciting, historical moment.

When the clock struck 12:12:12 everyone leaped up and shouted "HURRAY!".  Then Mr Marshall filmed one person at a time, next to the clock to say their number 12 fact.  Some of these were:

  • 24 - 12 = 12
  • 6 x 2 = 12
  • London 2012 was amazing!
  • I went to see the Olympic torch in 2012.
  • Every four water molecules have 12 atoms in them.

Some people believe that 12.12.12 is very lucky because it is a once in a a life time opportunity - unless very young people live to be over 100, as the next 12.12.12 won't be until the 12th of December 2112!

12.12.12 will be the last date of its kind for the next 88 years. The next time this will happen is on the1st January 2101 (01.01.01).




Posted by Echo, Amelia and Mrs Liberti on 14/12/2012 11:09


In year 4 we have been learning about volcanoes. We thought the best way to learn was to make a volcano out of Papier-mâché and a plastic bottle. We got into pairs so we could help each other.

We started by drinking the water out of the bottles!  Then we stuck the bottle on to a cardboard base.  We got lots of newspaper and wrapped it around the bottle to form the base.  We then ripped up little strips of newspaper and glued it on to the base until it had formed the shape of a volcano.

We left it for a week to completely dry before we painted it. We used brown, black, orange, red, blue and green to make it look as real as possible.

We waited a few days for the paint to dry and then this is where the real science began!  Mr Marshall told us how we could use kitchen products including bicarbonate of soda, red food colouring, vinegar and washing-up liquid, along with warm water to produce a mini erruption of our own.

We made up a show called The Ganges Science Show and in pairs we showed the rest of the class how to make our volcanoes erupt.

Here are some photographs of what happened. We hope you enjoy them!









Posted by by Annie and Lasharde on 07/12/2012 11:11

Maths in Year 5

I have just joined a great maths lesson in Year 5. As part of their 'Could a rhino live in Headingley?' project, the children have been researching climate in African countries. The tables and graphs they are producing are detailed and accurate and I am especially pleased with how they are presenting their findings - making comparisons, drawing conclusions and explaining what has surprised them most. A real atmosphere of sustained, independent and challenging learning. Well done Year 5, Mr Davies, Mrs Swiers and Miss Herberger.

Graph of temperature in African countries

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 15/11/2012 10:36

Wheels Afternoon

Sharing a scooter!

Today in Year 1 we brought our bikes and scooters to school! Our class target was to tidy up our classroom areas quickly, quietly and sensibly. Every time we did it we got a star on our chart. We got to bring our bikes and scooters in today because we got all 10 stars and now we are brilliant at tidying up! Jordan said “I liked sharing my bike with Noah.” Imana said “I liked sharing my scooter with Mia.” “It was brilliant and so fun!” said Ava. Our next target is to work quietly while we are doing our jobs. When we do this 10 times we will be able to have a party! We think our party will be great and we are going to make sure we use quiet voices in the classroom.

Posted by Year 1 on 19/10/2012 16:11

Pearl of Africa

Yesterday we were thrilled to welcome a children's choir from Uganda, called the Pearl of Africa. The children were spellbound by the singing in assembly at the start of the day and were so excited about working with the group.

Year 5 and 6 are learning all about Africa in their topic, 'Could a rhino live in Headingley?' so they had the opportunity to do drumming, singing and dancing workshops as well as have time together to talk and ask questions. Some of the choir members joined Mr Marshall's football club at lunchtime and they all got to experience a British school dinner.

Years 1 to 4 also had the chance to do one of the workshops and at the end of the day we held a special concert for school and guests. As well as the choir's numbers we finished with a new song of welcome that Year 4 and Year 6 had learned, which we will now add to our assembly repertoire.

As the choir fundraise to cover the costs of their tour, and also to support children back in Uganda, we passed donation buckets at the end of the concert and supported their stall selling crafts and instruments at the end of the school day.

I look forward to reading our children's accounts of the day.

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 11/10/2012 14:16

Woodland Walk

THANKS - to everybody who turned up on Saturday to take part in the Shire Oak Autumn Walk - and special thanks to all the barbeque-ers and to Ali, who also did so well getting free food from Sainsburys for the event! Thanks to Sian for the quiz and the photographs - it was great to see so many children having fun on The Ridge playing in the sunshine whilst parents chatted and kept an eye on the rope swings.

A lot of people have said how much they enjoyed it  - and we've had a few good suggestions about what we could do next year to improve it. If you have any suggestions and can't make the next meeting, do feel free to email me (Eleanor) - or pass your comments on to anyone you know who is going to the meeting so that we can write it all down & have a reference point to start from next year.

Posted by FOSOPS on 11/10/2012 14:09

Two Museums

In year 5 and 6, we are learning about Africa. We are going to make our own museum of african life and for inspiration, we went to the Leeds City Museum. It  was a brilliant morning.

First we walked down to the Arndale Centre where we caught the number 6 bus and took a short ride to town. From there, we had a 2 minute walk to the Leeds City Museum. Once we got there, we put our coats in the small cloakroom and went to the Ancient Times section.In the Ancient Times section there were lots of interesting things to do including building a mini temple and seeing a real mummy! As soon as we had finished we went to the stolen, smuggled, treasured section where we answered questions to get a print in our fake passports. The final gallery was all about animals and was very interesting and interactive. Finally we grabbed our coats and caught the bus back to school. Our trip to the museum gave us lots of information and we will use it in our museum.

Our African Museum will be on the 24th of October and will be open from 1.30pm to 3.45pm and will be run by year 5 and 6. I hope you can make it because there will be stalls where you can do drawings, try food, learn about the animals and find out about african people. We would be grateful if you could make it to see all the amazing, hard work we have done in this half term. Thank you for reading; we hope you can make it.



Posted by Aurelia and Casey, Year 6 on 06/10/2012 10:10

Year 1 and 2's Football Tournament

Year 1 and Year 2 had such a good time at their football tournament this afternoon!

The first two matches were Germany vs Italy and France vs Spain. Italy beat Germany 1-0, with all team members playing fairly. Spain beat France 1-0 in a very close match!

The second two were France vs Portugal and Germany vs Greece. France won with the 'Person of the Match' as our very own Thomas! Germany drew with Greece in a very competitive match.

Then the third two matches were Spain against Portugal which went very well for Portugal who won! And Italy versus Greece where there were lots of goals...with Greece winning 4-1.

Then came the penalties with France vs Spain to decide who was going into the semi-finals...Spain went through!

The semi-finals were Portugal against Italy which Portugal won, with Joey as the 'Person of the Match' and Greece vs Spain where the score was 4-1 to Greece.

So the finalists are Greece and Portugal who are very excited about their game on Friday!

Lastly we had a playoff for third place, which was France versus Germany. It was an 'absolute disaster' (quote from Marcus) for France, but Germany were pleased to win and Hamza was 'Person of the Match' with a 'long range goal' (quote from Hamza).

Miss Miller, Miss Askew, Mrs Mitchell and Miss Watton were all very impressed by the standard of football, with everyone following the Olympic Values of Respect, Friendship and Excellence.

Posted by Year 1 on 26/06/2012 14:56

Year 1's Rainbow!

''Wow what a busy day we have had in Year 1! Thank you to everyone who donated bits and pieces for our Rainbow Collage. The children had a wonderful time creating a really thoughful piece of artwork for the Shire Oak Peace Festival on Wednesday. Here is a little taster of their see it in its full glory, it will be on display in the hall (along with lots of other interesting things) on Wednesday. A huge thank you to Lou Hickford (and Violet) who gave up their time this afternoon to inspire us and help us to create a piece of 'Gaudi inspired' artwork.

Jess Miller

Posted by Jess Miller on 22/06/2012 17:45

Headingley Music Festival and Summer Fair

Thank you to everyone who joined us for a soggy but cheerful day on Saturday. Although we had to move stages inside there was lots of music, dancing and even circus skills. Here is a short film of some children learning a new djembe piece.

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 22/06/2012 13:02

A governor gets to join in!

My children have been coming to Shire Oak since it opened and every day I ask them the same thing.  'What did you do today?'  and every day they reply  'Nothing'.  So I decided to find out what actually goes on in the school. 

Last term I started by helping Ms Powell with Newspaper Club on a Tuesday lunchtime and this week I have been helping Mr Davies in year 5.

The first thing I discovered is that lots of things go on in school so my children haven't been telling me the truth.  In fact, I have been having so much fun I wish I was back at school again. 

It is so exciting seeing children being so enthusiastic about their learning and having so many creative ideas.  Shire Oak is such a lively place, full of happy smiles and every child I've met has been polite and well mannered towards me.  I'm grateful to have had a 'behind the scenes' view and I look forward to continuing with newspaper club next year.  It's much more fun than doing my paperwork!

Posted by Sam Conway on 14/06/2012 21:27

Teacher of Terror

Shire Oak's Film Club started in January and has met regularly since then.

Their first film, 'Teacher of Terror' is now on the new Shire Oak Channel on Schoolstube. Look out for a username and password for our schoolstube channel in this week's newsletter, or pop in and ask us for it.

Posted by Rachel Powell on 13/06/2012 21:02

Training with Beecroft Primary School

Today our teachers spent the day at Beecroft Primary School observing lessons, talking to staff and looking at their curriculum to identify good practice that could be adopted at Shire Oak. Thank you to all the staff at Beecroft who were so welcoming and thank you to all our teachers who were so thoughtful, reflective and clear about the priorities for our school.

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 01/06/2012 21:49

Shire Oak Sunday at St Michael's

This Sunday, children from Shire Oak joined St Michael's congregation at their All Age Eucharist. Their role play was brilliantly acted and it made us all think about life through a child's eye, which was inspired as 3 other children were baptised during the service. All the children got a front row view of the baptisms and were behind the altar with the priest when he blessed the bread and wine. Two of them even got to do his job, holding up the bread and wine. It was lovely to share this service with the children and we hope to see you again soon.

Posted by Rebecca Crowson on 14/05/2012 12:12

Watch out governors about!

On the 16th of April all members of the school council, except the year two representatives, went to interview two of the school governors in order to find out what they do. We took it in turns asking questions. Here are some of them:

Q. What is a governor’s role in the school?

A. We help with everything whether it’s SATs or every day committees and policies.

Q. Are the governors more important than teachers?

A. We are equal but we are not qualified to teach children. We make the important decisions.

Q. Do you arrange fund raisers and other events?

A. We do help by supporting the school but FOSOPS [Friends of Shire Oak Primary School] usually do this.

Here is some other info about the Governors. They come for meetings 12 times a year; they help all of school and enjoy doing it. EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENS WITHIN THE SCHOOL HAPPENS FOR A REASON, A REASON WHICH IS THE GOVERNORS.


Posted by Diyani and Freya, School Council Members on 17/04/2012 17:52

Governors meet School Council

It was great to be invited to come in to meet School Council yesterday.  We faced some gruelling questions about how the School's Governing Body works and what Governors do.  Gill and I were very impressed by the questions asked by your School Councillors and the very thoughtful comments made about the School.

For those that weren't there we explained that the School Governing body is made up of some Governors who represent parents, some who represent staff and others who represent the local council and the wider community.  The role of the Governors is to support Ms Devanne, Ms Powell, all the other teachers and adults in school to make sure that Shire Oak is a happy, safe and fun place to learn.  The full Governing Body meets once every half term, but it is supported by three committees that also meet once a term to look at how the school spends its money, how well children are learning and how well the school is working with both pupils and parents. 

If ever you would like to know more about the Governors or would like to get a message to us you can do this by speaking to Ms Devane or Ms Powell or by talking to one of us when you see us in School.  Our photos are on the board in the new entrance to school and many of us are around school on a regular basis.
Posted by Alex Nunn and Gill Eastabrook on 17/04/2012 10:19

The famous movie for iPad, etc.

For anyone who can't open .wmv files, here is a version that will work for other devices:


Posted by Ms Devane on 30/03/2012 16:44

Congratulations to Year 1!

Very well done to Year 1 for winning the Golden Owl Award for their film: The Monkey who Wanted to Fly. I heard all about the ceremony at the Town Hall last night when I was in school today. Year 1 clearly enjoyed the event and are rightly proud of their achievement.

Posted by Janie Percy-Smith, Chair of Governors on 30/03/2012 16:29

Year 1 Win Golden Owl Award

Year 1 Win Golden Owl Award

Last night we went to The Town Hall to see who did the best film. At the Town Hall there were lots of people sitting down on the chairs. We were excited and nervous. Everyone was wearing smart clothes and pretty dresses. They showed little bits from the three films and then the Mayor said who was us! We said hooray! And we said woopee! And Freddie’s Dad was whistling. We all got on the stage and we stood on it. Marcus was cheering and everyone was smiling. We were so happy. Millie got the prize and she was too giggly to speak! But Helena spoke and she was brave. She said her name and she told everyone the rest of the story. We came off the stage and all of the parents, teachers and high school kids clapped. The trophy was shiny and shaped like an owl. We wanted to stay but we had to go to bed. We got a chocolate owl. When we came back to school we told everyone that we won out of Key Stage One. Year 1 feel excited and proud. We want to say thank you to all of the teachers who helped us to make the film and gave us the courage to do our best.

Posted by Year 1 on 30/03/2012 16:20

A governor's view of the award ceremony

Just got back from a super evening at the Town Hall - the Leeds Young Filmmakers Golden Owl Awards. Complete with Oscar-like posh frocks and red carpet.


Shire Oak won the 3-7 year old section with 'The Monkey Who Wanted To Fly'. It was so exciting to see the group of Year 1 students go up on stage and collect the "Golden Owl" trophy from the Lord Mayor, Councillor Reverend Alan Taylor.  


Very well done to all the students and staff involved!


Oh and if you haven't see the film yet do forget to view it its on this website - it really is good.


Gill Eastabrook

Community governor

29 March

Posted by Gill Eastabrook on 29/03/2012 22:29

Shire Oak winners at red carpet event

I've just got back from a fantastic night at Leeds Town Hall. Very excited Year 1 children with staff and governor in attendance wore their finest black tie outfits and then were delighted to win the category for best filmmakers aged 3-7. We were all so proud of them, cheered very loudly and beamed when Millie and Helena accepted the fantastic gold trophy and made a great speech. Well done to all and thank you to Ms Powell who worked with them to make it.


Golden Owls award ceremony

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 29/03/2012 21:31

Swallows and Amazons

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of taking a group of 13 children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6, to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to see a performance of Swallows and Amazons. Some of the children had been reading this rather long and difficult book in Monday lunchtime Book Club sessions; others had not read the book before the performance. But both groups really enjoyed the way in which the story was conveyed at the theatre using drama, song and some very inventive props. For some of the children this was their first ever trip to the theatre. One boy said that he thought it was better than going to the cinema! All of the children behaved beautifully both while they were at the theatre and also on the bus on the way there and back. I'm looking forward to seeing some reviews of the play and the book!

Posted by Janie Percy-Smith on 27/03/2012 11:19

Be careful… Musk Ox about!

polar visitors and equipmentOn Tuesday 13th March 2012, three polar researchers from the UK Polar Network (Chris who had visited the Arctic, Victoria Antarctica and AislingIceland) came into Shire Oak to talk to us about their research in thePolar regions, such as what equipment you would need to take with you, and climate change. 

They kindly brought in the food they eat when they go to these places. This food has to be dry because it would freeze or go out of date very quickly. The good thing is that in thePolar regions, you have alot of snow so you can boil it to water and then cook the dry food with the boiled water. When they passed the chilli con carne around, it did not feel like the one you would by from the super market. I also found the equipment very weird, for example they brought in very big snow shoes that were so very big so that you did not fall into the water because it evens out your weight. The best thing was that you got to eat as much chocolate as you wanted because you needed lots of energy!

I learned lots of things but most importantly, keep away from Musk Ox – if they charge at you, they will squash you!

I’d really like it ifChris,Victoriaand Aisling would come back again!

Posted by Dom B on 22/03/2012 21:37

Researching in the polar regions

polar clothingOn the 13th of March 3 polar researchers named Aisling, who went to Iceland, Chris, who went to the North Pole, and Victoria, who went to the South Pole, came to talk to children at our school about what the experience was like to be there and what they took with them. For example, they told us about the dried food, like chilli con carne or pasta, and the chocolate that they took for more energy to keep them going! They took dried food because if they took something like apples they would freeze straight away as all the moisture turns to ice!


To travel they use snow mobiles and skidoos whilst wearing warm clothes, like thick coats and water proof trousers. The coats were very bright so if they got lost or separated from the rest of their group, the rescuers would be able to find the lost people.


Despite the weather being snowy, they also still needed to wear protective goggles because when the sun shines down on the snow the light beams back up into your eyes which can possibly blind you. Shoes are some of the most crucial pairs of clothing and in particular you need big, thick snow boots with good grip because if you just wore flip flops:

1. You would slide around.

2. Your feet would freeze.

3. You wouldn’t be able to walk properly!


Surprisingly they also had to take very strong tents so they were warm and safe from blizzards that can sometimes last 1 whole week!



Posted by Maisie T on 22/03/2012 21:22

Rugby at Shire Oak

Over the last few weeks I have accompanied both the year 4/5 and year 5/6 rugby teams as they have made their way to and from rugby league matches in Adel and Bramhope.  I've seen some great rugby league on these trips with experienced players showing some great skills and also a determination to help less experienced players find their feet in the team.  And then there is those children who've never played the game before but take to the field like old professionals.  Absolutely brilliant!  I've seen fantastic tries and tackles, but most of all I've been impressed by the number of children involved and the positive attitude and team work of all in both victory and defeat.  I can't wait to watch the next match as our year 6 take to the field against Rothwell.  I am sure i speak for all the governors when I say 'Come On Shire Oak!'

Posted by Alex Nunn on 22/03/2012 17:45

UK Polar Network Visit

I really enjoyed sitting in with Year 3 when the UK Polar Network team came to visit on Tuesday.  It was great to hear about how people live when they visit the North and South Pole and get to see the class dressing up in some of the clothes they take with them.  I was also impressed that there is somewhere in the world where it is good for you to eat lots of chocolate!

I spoke to the team afterwards and they said how much fun they were having and that they were really impressed by the number of questions they were asked.  I hope that the other classes enjoyed the visit as much as Year 3!

Posted by Kevin Macnish on 15/03/2012 09:57

The Monkey who Wanted to Fly

Well done Year 1! What a fantastic film. I love the animations and the story tellers spoke very clearly.

Posted by Janie Percy-Smith on 08/03/2012 14:47

Our new playground markings

We have had playground markings since September whilst we had our 6 weeks holidays. Builders came into ourschool and marked out on the concreate playground markings. There is hopstoch, a obstacle course, a skipping area, football and basketball markings, a quiet area, a letter search and twister.

Posted by Y4 blogger Cameron on 02/03/2012 23:10

Shire Oak Pancake Day 2012

On Tuesday the 21st of February it was Shrove Tuesday and there were different kinds of pancakes such as strawberry sauce, syrup, lemon and sugar, chocolate sauce and chocolate sauce and banana. Ethan’s Dad was making American pancakes. Ms Powell had one of the American pancakes. "They are thicker and smaller than traditional British pancakes," exclaimed Ms Powell.

Posted by Cameron and Tom on 23/02/2012 20:33

Year 5 lessons

Taekwondo comes to Shire Oak!

Our school is very multi-cultural and year 4 council thought it would be a good idea to do a sport from another country.

Taekwondo is about training the brain and the body at the same time and learning how to focus and concentrate. Taekwondo is fromKoreaand the word taekwondo means the art of kicking and punching.

On Tuesday the twenty first of February 2012 a taekwondo teacher called Carl came to year 5 to take part in year 5’s P.E.

First we did a basic warm up which included push-ups, sit ups and squat thrusts. Then we

learned how to do a basic kicking move. To do this we used special kicking equipment to kick at. Finally we showed respect to Carl by a special bow.

Posted by Nash and Ellis on 22/02/2012 11:47

The monkey who wanted to fly!

Year 1 have made their first film!

Working together in ICT lessons, they planned a story, made sets and models, directed, animated, filmed and recorded.

They are really proud of their film. Click the link to see what they've been up to!

Posted by Rachel Powell on 10/02/2012 20:14

New bigger and better library

We just had our new library fixed in. It is really clean and tidy and educational. It ''helps you with your reading and also your computer skills. Classes come to the library at least once a week to change their books . You are allowed to get 2 books in the library. It has loads of wonderful books to read like Beast Quest, Horrid Henry and Captain Underpants.




Posted by Nash, Cameron, Ellis and Tom on 07/02/2012 17:07




Vic and Joy found a bat in the year 4 classroom while learning about active and passive verbs in their literacy lesson. “There’s a massive beetle!” Vic shouted. Mr Marshall took lots of pictures and then everyone realised it was a bat on the blinds.

As soon as Vic said to Mr Marshall that there was a bat in the classroom, everybody screamed. Tom and Kayleigh had to move to the back table because the bat was right near them. Mr Hinchliffe hurried off to find Miss Craven the caretaker – and bat catcher – and Y4 had to go for a walk around the school. Miss Craven caught the bat gently in a net and took it outside. The bat had flown into the classroom by mistake.

Mr Marshall said the bat was more scared of the children than they were of it. Year 4 had never had a bat in the classroom before.

Posted by Vic, Joy, Cameron and Tom on 07/02/2012 13:11

Granny's Underground Garden

On Monday 23rd and Monday 30th January, Luke and Carry from Alive and Kicking came into our class. We were very pleased and we will tell you about it.
        First we randomly saw some people coming in with a big case. They thought it was heavy but it really wasn't. They let some children see what was inside and then showed us all. Then they took us to the Hall and we started the adventure.
       They chose two people to be Reece and Charlie who were two of the main characters. Lots of us took turns to play the main parts, wear scarves and act out different parts of the story.
       The story was about Granny's Underground Garden. Granny lived in a town called Worslow. It was a very weird place, very old with a legend about the mean old Baron who had once lived in the castle, now Granny's house. Granny told Reece and Charlotte the story of the baron, then she disappeared! The story continued with the children meeting the Ferrish People and setting off on a journey to rescue granny from the Worzlum.
      The best parts were when the Worzlum came in, when Charlotte and Reece went through the maze of petrified people and when we had to crawl along the floor so the Worzlum couldn't see us.
       We enjoyed Granny's Underground Garden because it linked in to the work we've been doing in class and we had great fun joining in with the story.

Posted by 3 Rhine on 02/02/2012 12:12

Governor visit to assembly & library

I had a fantastic time at the Chinese New Year Assembly today.  I was really impressed with the quality of all your work and particularly with the lantern, poems and especially the reception dragon!  I also liked joining in with your singing and afterwards went to work with a lovely song in my head.

I really enjoyed our governors meeting tonight which we held in your wonderful new library.  Ms Devane says that you are using this much more than the old library and I'm looking forward to coming in to see you making use of all the books in there.

Posted by Alex Nunn on 24/01/2012 23:13

Rainforest Poems

Year 3 have been working on poems about rainforest animals and lots of children finished and illustrated them this afternoon. We've been working hard to use effective words and I was SO pleased with the poems.

I can only put a few here, but you'll be able to see the rest, with illustrations, on the walls at school.


A quick flash going past in the night,

Jaguar running through the rainforest,

Glaring at opponents while tearing into its meal,

Brow rising for prey.

A jaguar runs, fast as lightning,

Roaming jaguar through the dark.

                                             by Jacob


In the forest

In the forest a creature slices through flesh using its scalpel sharp beak,

In the forest a creature focuses on prey, as beady luminous eyes gaze out of the emerald leaves,

In the forest, a creature's great wings blot out the sun, cloaking the forest with jet black shadow,

In the forest a squawking sound striking fear amongst the other animals,

In the forest a harpy eagle glides.

                                              by Ethan


Posted by Rachel Powell on 20/01/2012 17:08

Homework Assembly

On Wednesday we had a long and successful homework celebration assembly. Children had completed their projects in all sorts of ways - there were model DNA molecules, computer presentations, posters, booklets and photo diaries - to name but a few! Some children had worked completely independently and others had worked with family or friends to interpret the homework task.

We were delighted to see so much creativity and perseverance - well done to all!

Posted by Rachel Powell on 17/01/2012 18:18

Winter Festival of Fire

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night for the Winter Festival of Fire. This year the theme was 'Discovering Shire Oak' and it was a lovely mix of crafts, storytelling, eating and drinking, trails and music. The Y6 children are now campaigning for Spring and Summer festivals too!

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 02/12/2011 16:35

Year 4 teach Shire Oak to Clicksafe

On Monday, Year 4 performed a play for the whole school. We performed a play about Cyberbullying and how to be safe online. The play was called Click Safe and we showed examples of cyberbullying and how you could stop it from happening. 

We practised it all day ( except for a break for our Djembe lesson at 11.30.) Sarah from KonFlux came to do a ‘Play in a day ‘ with us. First we did some games like Zap, Zip, Boing to practise listening and concentration, then we chose who was going to do which lines in the play, then we practised. When it came to the real performance, we all remembered our lines and said them perfectly. Years 1,2,3,5 and 6 came to watch our play and we all felt very nervous.

We enjoyed the day- which helped us with our listening skills  and  we hope we can do another sometime. 

Posted by Nash and Cai, Year 4 on 08/11/2011 14:43

Shire Oak at Leeds Town Hall

Today I am feeling extremely proud of the 30 children from Year 5 and Year 6 who took part in a fantastic concert last night. Together with Leeds College of Music Chorus, Jazz Band and the Saturday Music School they joined Mbawula, the South African township band for an amazing evening of songs in African languages and English.

Despite the late night and the lengthy afternoon rehearsal the children performed with skill and gusto and clearly enjoyed the experience. This was the culmination of several Friday music lessons with Joyce the singer and staff from Leeds College of Music. We look forward to receiving and sharing the recording of the event.

Rehearsal at the Town HallPerformance at the Town Hall

One of our parents, who works in theatre herself, emailed me to say:

Jane – I just have to let you know what a brilliant night it was at the Town Hall last night.  The standard of all of the performers just blew me away – it’s by far the best thing I’ve seen in a long time, and I’ve seen my fair share of both theatre, dance and music as I’m sure you can appreciate!   The dedication and professionalism of the Shire Oak kids was incredible and you should Rehearsal at Leeds Town Hallbe extremely proud... Performance at Leeds Town HallI can’t stop singing the songs…..loved it.

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 02/11/2011 22:31

Shire Oak Governors

As usual the Governing Body has a busy schedule for the coming year. As well as keeping a close eye on standards and pupils' progress we will also be reviewing the social, moral, cultural and spiritual aspects of school life; developing a new Single Equalities Scheme to ensure that all children and families are fully included in the life of the school; and reviewing how well the school does in relation to keeping children safe.

We currently have a vacancy for a parent governor and parents will be asked shortly to nominate themselves or another parent to fill this vacancy. I do hope that parents will consider standing as a parent governor. It can be a very rewarding role, offering real insights into the work of the school and an opportunity to make a difference to the development of the school in the future.

If any parent is interested then please feel free to contact me (by email to or have a chat with one of the current parent governors to find out what the roll involves.


Posted by Janie Percy-Smith (chair of governors) on 02/11/2011 14:47

Freya for Mayor!

Freya in our class is standing to be the Children's Mayor for the Day. She has already been shortlisted and is now one of the final 10 candidates. Her manifesto and poster are on Leeds Learning Network and anyone with an LLN login can have a look and vote for their three favourite candidates. Of course, we want them all to put Freya first!


Posted by Year 6 on 14/10/2011 18:46

Vote for Freya! Mayor for the Day Candidate

Freya in our class is standing to be the Children's Mayor for the Day. She has already been shortlisted and is now one of the final 10 candidates. Her manifesto and poster are on Leeds Learning Network and anyone with an LLN login can have a look and vote for their three favourite candidates. Of course, we want them all to put Freya first!


Posted by Y6 on 14/10/2011 18:45

Roald Dahl books

I was putting up a display of photos of our fantastic Dahlicious Dress Up Day and I started wondering about everyone's favourite Roald Dahl books.

I think my favourite is George's Marvellous Medicine, although Esio Trot is a close second.

I'm putting up a graph of our favourite Roald Dahl books; let me know yours if you want to be included.

Posted by Rachel Powell on 07/10/2011 18:37

Tea and Coffee morning

It was lovely to see so many parents and carers this morning in the playground for a drink and a chat before school. Now that you know who some of us are, do let us know if you would be interested in helping out with future FOSOPS events.

Posted by FOSOPS on 30/09/2011 17:04

A great start to a new term

It has been so lovely to see all the children arriving at school today eager to share their news and see their friends and teachers again. They all look very smart in their school uniforms and have been working very hard in their classrooms as they get to know their new teachers and support staff.

As well as the children who are starting this week in our Reception class, we have been joined by several new children in KS2 so we are now very close to capacity. They seem to be settling in very well already.

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 06/09/2011 11:32

Cool Planet Homework Comic

This is a comic I drew for my 'Cool Planet' homework project last term.

A manga comic I drew for my Transpiration homework

Posted by Benjamin Cryer, Yr6 on 21/04/2011 15:01

We have a new prospectus.

The 2011 prospectus is now available here. Let us know if there is any other information you would want to see in a prospectus - particularly if you can't find it anywhere else on our website.

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 20/04/2011 23:04

Crazy Athletics

Today Y3 went to TASC to do Crazy Athletics with some other Y3s from other schools. We did high jump, long jump, ladder relay race, push shot, speed bounce and bat and ball race. We all loved it and had a brilliant time. The teachers there were really great and we learned a lot. Ruell, Ellis, Mair, Vic and Shanice.

Posted by Ruell Ellis Mair Vic Shanice on 31/03/2011 14:26

Stump Cross Caverns

                Stump cross caverns

On Thursday 10th March 2011 year 3 and 4 went to Stump Cross Caverns. We went there because our topic was Rock and Roll. We saw stalagmites, stalactites, columns and curtains. When we went down the steps it felt scary, slippery, and cold. In the caves we saw a sleeping cat which was made out of limestone and that was our most favourite thing in the cave. We also saw something called a wedding cake what was made out of limestone.

 By Cameron and CAI


Posted by Cameron and Cai on 24/03/2011 17:20



Materials                        Ingredients

Funnel                            Mentos

(Rolled up paper)           2 litres of Coke


Firstly insert the funnel, made from rolled up paper, into the coke bottle, then open the mentos into the funnel and on the count of three tip them all into the coke quickly. Now stand back otherwise you’ll get drenched in foamy coke!

The science

The mentos have tiny holes in them full of air and the coke fills them up, forcing the mentos out the top of the bottle and causing an eruption.

We did this on the field in the middle of the Science assembly!


To show science in a way that people would enjoy, as opposed to being boring.

We did this in October 2010 and everyone in the class had great fun doing this experiment!


Posted by Lewys, Hope, Josh and Jasper on 23/03/2011 14:39

Water Cycle

Water cycle


Our class learnt about the water cycle last term. There are 3 stages: evaporation, condensation and precipitation.

The first stage is called evaporation. It is the scientific word for when liquid water changes into a gas, water vapour. This is because the water gets so hot that its molecules break down and move around freely. As it is hot, it rises (the top surface only).

The second one is called condensation. This word means when the water vapour cools in the high atmosphere and turns back into a liquid (clouds).

The last stage is precipitation. It is when the cloud becomes too heavy with liquid, making it rain and fall in to the sea, rivers, lakes or onto the Earth. If the rain falls on land, it seeps downwards to form groundwater. This means that the whole cycle starts again or that the water is filtered into clean drinking water.

Amazon had great fun doing different activities like pretending to be molecules and doing exciting homework on it. Georgia made a brilliant model of a typical water cycle with some recycled cardboard shoe box and tissue rolls.


Posted by Hannah, Erica, Cassie on 23/03/2011 13:56

Coke Floats - an experiment

Diet Coke In Water Experiment


Year Six did an experiment in the classroom before Christmas to find out whether Diet Coke floats or not, while comparing it with Coca Cola. We made videos as a class in groups and added humour to make it more fun to watch. Floating the cans in the same amount of water led us to the fact that Diet Coke floated and Coca Cola sinks.

This proves that sugar, which is in Coca Cola, must be heavier than the sweeteners in Diet coke. Due to this difference, only Diet Coke floats.

Posted by Gabriel, Jonah, Sebastian on 23/03/2011 13:43

Year 1 Caterpillar Poems

Year 1 have been writing caterpillar poems and then sharing them on the computer by making their own storyboards.

Posted by Jess Miller (Y1 teacher) on 14/03/2011 16:10

Trio Toys - Music in Keystage 1

We had fun following on from last half terms topic on 'Toys', exploring wind instruments with Trio Wind Ensemble. They took us on a magical musical journey, through time and around the world, using the theme of toys as a way to discover things about wind instruments. Everyone enjoyed themselves! It's great to add breadth to our curriculum by involving the expertise of outside agencies.

Posted by Mrs Hopkins on 13/03/2011 08:59

Pancake Day

Pancake day was on the 8th of March 2011 after school. We were holding a pancake sale for everyone to come to. Everyone got to choose their favourite flavour, there were chocolate, strawberry, banana, sugar and golden syrup. The pancakes cost 50p each. The pancakes were delicious and everyone agreed with it. Mostly everyone from school came and even teachers and parents wanted a taste of our fantastic pancakes. We would like to thank everyone that helped out make the pancakes.                                        

Posted by Kayla and Sarah on 09/03/2011 15:01

Reading and Writing across the curriculum

This week we have been celebrating reading and writing week. We have been using our literacy skills across the curiculum.

On Thursday we dressed up as people from books that we enjoy reading.  We had brilliant fun guessing who our friends had come as. We also had Jamie Jones-Buchanan (one of the Leeds Rhinos) in our school to tell us about why he likes writing and reading.

Throughout the week different classes have been to the Headingly library. At the library we read books, wrote stories, and took a quiz about what we could find in the libary.

Today the illustrater and writer Stephen Waterhouse came in to do a work shop with some of the classes. He told us about his paintings and how they get into books. 

Everyone enjoyed it and I can't wait to do something like this again!!!


Freya (:



Posted by Freya on 04/03/2011 12:57

School Council Chairs' Meeting

Today Lewys, Freya and Miss Ware met to discuss the new school prospectus. Ms Devane has asked the School Council to write a letter telling people about our school.

We are planning a meeting for tomorrow at 2:30pm in which we will 'brainstorm' all our ideas for our letter. We are looking forward to Janie Percy-Smith, our Chair of Governors joining us.

We'll keep you updated with how we are getting on!

Posted by Lewys, Freya and Miss Ware on 01/02/2011 12:02

School Council Meeting 7.1.11

Today's meeting was well attended. Lewys chaired the meeting and Georgia took the minutes.

After the Christmas break it was a good chance to raise issues that we want to discuss over the next few weeks.

  • Freya would like the school council to discuss how effective the golden time system is.
  • Toby would like the school council to review the new football system.
  • Erica wanted to discuss how we could improve the ICT facilities.
  • Toby suggested that the school council could do an assembly to give examples of good ways to keep the school rules and help with conflicts between friends.

Golden Time

Ms Devane and the teachers discussed golden time at a staff meeting and decided that the school would trial doing golden time activities in each class rather than across the school. This means that teachers can allocate golden time daily or weekly, or fortnightly to fit it in better with their timetables. Children from each class had lots of ideas about how to make this work best, such as offering a wide range of activities, making sure there are opportunities to go outside (weather permitting) and encouraging the children to suggest weekly golden time activities. The school council  will discuss this further after the new golden time system has been running a few weeks.

Internet Use

Several older children wanted to know why they can't access all the same websites at school as they can at home, for example some free online computer games. Lewys explained that Leeds Learning Network is designed to stop children being able to see websites that could be unsuitable for them and this is important.

We're going to try to blog every week so logon again soon to find out what's happening.

Posted by Miss Ware and Lewys and Freya on 07/01/2011 12:06

Happy Christmas!

Snowman picture from one of our Christmas cardsThank you for joining us at our Carol Service this morning. We have now enjoyed all our parties, performed our plays, sang our carols and danced at the disco. We have one more day to work and learn together and then we break up for the holidays. We wish you, your families and all your loved ones a safe and happy Christmas.Snowman picture from our Christmas Card competition

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 16/12/2010 16:36

Winter Festival of Fire

I’m really pleased that so many people were able to join us yesterday for the Winter Festival of Fire. Although it was quite chilly, it was a beautiful evening, with just a dusting of snow. There were some lovely items created, including charcoal pictures, dragon’s eyes, lavender bags, glass lanterns, necklaces and tinsel sparklers. Children played quoits and mankala and warm refreshments and home-made cakes were snaffled up along with the marshmallows and crumpets that were being toasted around our fire. As the darkness fell the paper bag lanterns glowed and Chinese lanterns were launched whilst a band of talented musicians braved frozen fingers to play and sing for us. The money raised, an impressive nearly £250,  will be used to provide waterproof clothes and tools for working outside. Thank you very much for your support for the event and for outdoor learning and I think this is something that will become a cherished annual Shire Oak event.

Posted by Jane Astrid Devane on 26/11/2010 13:13