To enable staff to plan effective, engaging and appropriate learning experiences to meet the needs of each pupil, we use a three stage system of lesson planning:

Stage 1: Long Term
The academic year is divided into topics which either span a half term or a full term. Within each topic, the expectations of the National Curriculum are included to ensure that our pupils are provided with  broad and balanced learning experiences that meet statutory requirements.

Stage 2: Medium Term
Each topic is planned in more detail, with staff deciding upon learning outcomes and an overview of the activities that the children will carry out within each area of learning. As it is possible to link many areas of the curriculum, time is made available to enrich the curriculum in many ways. This then caters for all needs and learning styles within each class.

Stage 3: Short Term
These plans detail the learning outcomes for each individual lesson, as well as describing what criteria the children need to meet in order to be successful. It also details the activities that each group within the class will carry out and any assessment of skills and knowledge that may take place.


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