What Our Pupils Say


What pupils said about our school in our annual pupil survey:

“My school is good at listening to children.”

“This school is good at fun and exciting activities.”

“My school is nice and colourful.”

“My school is good at helping the children have fun.”

“My school is happy and friendly.”

“My school is good at having friends because I have lots of them.”

“My school teaches me to read a books and write better.”

“There are loads of after school clubs to choose from.”

“I think the lessons are good because we learn lots of new things.”

“My school has lots of fun trips and residentials.”

“My school is good at helping with FairTrade and communicating with other countries."

“When people are sad, there is someone to talk to.”

“My school is really good at sports and art.”

“They have really good ideas.”

“I like the celebrations, like summer fairs, discos and parties.”

“My school is good at welcoming new pupils."